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Our Top 5 Sustainable Homeware Picks

We have an ethical mission experimenting with eco-friendly homeware and offering lots of options when it comes to furnishing your conscious home. Sustainable décor means you are choosing an interior design that incorporates reused, recycled, or responsibly sourced items.

We support British makers with all our homewares made here in the UK, helping to support our local economy whilst reducing the carbon footprint of our range. Add something special to your home with our ethical homewares department featuring a wide collection of high-quality/unique sustainable home furnishings.

Here, we have picked out some of our favourite sustainable homeware products to help make your house a greener place to be.

  1. Whitewash Basket Standing Wicker Tray

    White Wash Wicker Basket Standing Tray

    Made from rattan which is a naturally renewable palm that grows in diverse forests across Africa and Asia. Rattan is a completely sustainable product that helps sustain numerous other plants and landscapes. This basket is both functional and stylish which incorporates a bohemian design to your living room or bedroom.

  2. Bohemian Willow Branch Wall Décor

    Bohemian Wall Heart Wicker Decoration

    This stunning country farmhouse décor is made from willow which is classified as a rapidly renewable plant material. They are flexible and can be woven into different fencing and building material that resembles wood.

  3. Large Wicker Bulbous Lantern

    Large Wicker Bulbous Lantern

    Another fabulous home accessory for lovers of rustic style and natural wood accessories. Made of naturally strong rattan, the inside glass jar provides a safe and stable shelter for the candle.

  4. Recycled Six Shelf Display

    This beautiful piece of furniture has been handmade in Bali using mostly upcycled teak wood from retired fishing boats. The shelving unit is the perfect bookcase or for office storage and it is on wheels which makes it super easy to move around the house.

  5. Iron Votive Candle Holder

    Iron Votive Candle Holder

    This iron votive candle holder is designed with a 3-cup triangle and is handmade from recycled iron and glass which gives an industrial feel to the design. Display this candle holder in the middle of your dining table so it acts as an attractive centerpiece and gives a warming atmosphere to the room.

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