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How to maintain your mango wood furniture

Mango wood furniture is incredibly long-lasting and water resistant and will become more beautiful with age. This is no flimsy wood, as mango wood is as strong as ash wood, ranking 1070 on the Janka hardness scale.

Here are some helpful facts about maintaining mango wood:

  • Mango wood requires monthly polishing/hydrating to avoid cracking due to dehydration, otherwise its sturdy and maintenance free
  • You can occasionally polish non-painted furniture parts with beeswax to retain sheen and for longer lifespan
  • Avoid placing your furniture under direct sunlight and/or near radiators
  • Don’t hesitate to leave your furniture outside as mango wood is water resistant – just beware of sun bleaching and bringing it inside before the cold weather hits
  • You can treat your mango furniture with natural oils that you have on hand at home e.g. olive oil, peanut oil, lemon oil and walnut oil are all common and cheap treatments that keep wood fresh and moist

Here are some of our favourite mango furniture pieces that we absolutely love:
Scandinavian Wood Writing Desk 
Country Cottage Console Table
Country Cottage Cabinet
Rustic Style Grey Washed Bedside

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How to maintain your mango wood furniture