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How can I decorate my home sustainably?

Are you worried you will have to sacrifice style in the name of eco-friendly choices? Carbel UK is a sustainable lifestyle brand connecting shoppers with thoughtful craftsmanship. There is nothing that makes a house feel more like a home with you investing in pieces that has a unique story behind and that you’ll look after forever.

Below are our top 5 tips of creating a slow, sustainable approach to decorating your home.

1. Invest in long-lasting design.
Buying quality furniture might seem like an unnecessary expense at first however, it will prove to be a worthwhile investment in the long run. Premium quality pieces such as reclaimed coffee tables, dining room tables and sofas will last generations especially if well maintained. That means you’ll save money in the long run and you won’t be throwing your items away.

2. Select sustainable materials.
Selecting eco-friendly, strong, and stylish materials such as bamboo and mango wood, is ideal for creating sustainable furniture. This is because bamboo grows rapidly and requires no chemicals to thrive, offers maximum strength and durability and shines in its warm rich tones. To find out the beautiful truth of sustainable mango wood, read our blog here.

3. Donate or swap unwanted items.
Donating your unwanted possessions to charities provides benefits to other people and the planet. When you donate your personal belongings, they’re reused by someone else, which means there’s no need for such high production of items. Charity shops are able to reuse or recycle more than 90% of donated clothing and more.

4. Choose cheaper items carefully.
While there are times when it makes sense to go for quality over price, in a few instances, you’re better off saving your money and purchasing the less expensive option. Think twice about purchasing cheaper items; Will it last a long time? Will I throw it in the bin within one year? You don’t want to purchase items unnecessarily and wasting it after a few months.

5. Take your time.
Take your time when you shop consciously, you’ll make better shopping decisions and won’t buy items for the sake of it being wasted in the future. We often forget to live in the moment, a key to making sustainable shopping choices is to take our time when we see something we love. Think about it if it’s worth the investment.

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How can I decorate my home sustainably? | Carbel UK